Vastu Shastra for Interior Decoration

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With increasing modernization, people are moving towards new ideas, fresh plans and brand new concepts. Gone is the time when things used to be simple, classic and boring but now people prefer being different, add luxury and a unique taste.


Interior decoration is coming out from the closet and people are getting attracted towards this new way to design. Interior decoration is all about designing the house using amazing colors, different architecture, carvings and what not. But, sometimes designing a house without proper consideration can bring bad luck and lead to problems. Often people feel disconnected, discomforted and irritated when the house is not in sync with right directions, proper placements and things.


Vastu Shastra is a science of architecture which covers the concept of Interior decoration, brings a house that is not only well-constructed but also a place where prosperity, happiness, wealth, health and harmony exists.


Here are some of the tips given in Vastu Shastra for Interior decoration, which might be helpful to build a house full of love and happiness:


·       Vastu for House zones: When it comes to interiors of the house, the house zones often get categorized into two parts that is positive and negative zones. Vastu advises keeping the positive zone light as compared to the negative zone. Positive zones are considered to be in the north, east or northeast direction whereas negative zones are south, west and southwest direction.


·       Vastu for the Interior of Kitchen: Kitchen is the central part of the house where all the food items are kept and cooking is done. It is considered to be powered by fire element and helps us in gaining health. According to Vastu Shastra, the fireplace or stove and electrical appliances must be kept in right directions whereas heating appliances like microwave, oven, etc. must be placed in a southeast direction. If there is a geyser in the kitchen, then the northwest direction is the best. Also, the sink for the kitchen must be fixed in the northern direction in “L” shape and make sure there is no electrical appliance in the northeast direction of the kitchen. By following these rules, Vastu ensures health and happiness of the housewife and other members of the family.


·       Vastu for Curtains: Curtains are often used to cover the area from excessive heat and cold and also to make the room look nice and decorated. Vastu advises using light coloured curtains for the bedroom whereas dark coloured curtains like red or black or dark grey can be used in the living room. You can always use heavy and dark curtains in the negative zone of the house matching them with the furniture. But, using the wrong curtain in a wrong zone can attract diseases and problems in life, so, before purchasing the curtains for the house make sure you consult a professional Vastu consultant and opt for the right guidance.


·       Vastu for Mirrors: Mirrors are known to be those objects that shine and reflect. Whatever touches the mirror, it automatically reflects and multiplies. Vastu says to use mirrors in a cautious manner. Otherwise, it can lead to losses and misery. Using mirror in positive zones is considered healthy for the family as it attracts positivity in life. According to the rules stated in Vastu Shastra for Interior decoration, mirrors must be placed east or north facing so that all the negative energies are flushed out of the house. Also, using the mirror in the bedroom can lead to conflicts between the couple that is why it is better to have a separate dressing room or a dresser with mirror covered at night.


·       Vastu for Ceiling: Ceiling is the head of the house; you cannot live in a house without a ceiling. Vastu Shastra advises having a flat ceiling free from cuts and irregular carvings to lead a balanced life. Similarly, when it comes to the bedroom, falling and depressed ceiling is a big no. Simple, elegant and flat ceiling works the best for the residential properties.


·       Vastu for Lighting: A house without lights is a place full of darkness and negativity. But, lighting without using Vastu Shastra can increase the darkness in the house and minds. Therefore, Vastu suggests using bright lights in the house, avoiding damaged and dim lights. In case there is a broken light, change or repair it immediately and bid adieu to high beam lights to avoid any pressure and impaired vision in future.


·       Vastu Color scheme for the house: Colors reflects a person’s personality and add substance to life. The choice of colors represents a person’s taste, nature and liking. Vastu advises using bright and soft colors in the house to keep the area relaxing and soothing. Avoid using dark colors like red, black and grey as they attract negative energies and create an aura of darkness in the place. For better results and attractive prospects, it is advisable to ask a professional Vastu consultant about the right color scheme, marble and right flooring according to the room. Using these tips add colors in a person’s life, bring happiness and harmony and eventually lead to a peaceful life.


To conclude, Vastu Shastra is a powerful science, which ensures good luck along with beauty. When you are planning to hire an interior designer, then why not opt for a designer who can make the place beautiful with some amazing tips given in Vastu and add some luck? Choose wisely and make your place a happy place.